8 Steps to Clean your Brown Leather Chair

Do you have a brown leather chair? If you have one, then you need to know how to clean the leather furniture properly too. Leather furniture is actually really delicate. If you neglect it and only use it whenever you like without properly doing the clean up, after a while your leather chair will look dull and old. This is not good and if you ignore it further, soon, it will not be your comfortable leather chair anymore.

Here are 8 steps to do in cleaning your leather furniture:

  1. The first one you have to start by vacuuming the chair thoroughly with soft brush attached. This is so that the surface of the leather will not be scratched.
  2. Make the cleaning mixture by adding a few drops of liquid soap into some distilled water. Mix it well until it suds, and that is your cleaning liquid. This is very effective and will not damage the leather.
  3. Do not start by pouring the liquid all over the chair. Test the liquid on a small area of the chair first so if something bad happens, you can change the composition of the liquid.
  4. Prepare a smooth surfaced rag, dip in the cleaning liquid, squeeze off the excess water.
  5. Start wiping the leather chair thoroughly. Do not do large area at once. Do it in small area, one by one.
  6. Wipe the soapy water with distilled water (without soap) with another clean rag. Do these two steps in small areas one by one.
  7. Do that until all parts are already wiped clean. And next is, dry the whole chair with dry rag.
  8. Next you can polish the surface with a special conditioner for leather furniture.

These are instructions on how to clean your leather chair. If you have a brown leather chair and footstool, you need to do those procedures to the footstool also. Do this at least once a week and you are already doing good in protecting your brown leather chair.

Brown Leather Chairs With Recliner
Brown Leather Chairs With Recliner
Brown Leather Chairs
Brown Leather Chairs

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